What are Milagrus Materials

Our clothing line is made from natural materials; Linen, cotton and eco rayon, carefully sourced from Indonesia and Portugal. Our prints are authentic, hand-dyed, printed and made by local artisans, the fabrics certified and produced in small quantities to guarantee an eco-friendly stock, with zero waste.

Every 5 minutes 10,000 fashion items end up in landfill. Milagrus fabrics are 95% biodegradable which makes a huge difference on the environmental impact.

Our Fabrics

Eco Rayon

Lyocell fabric comes from plant-based and biodegradable fibers derived primarily from eucalyptus cellulose fibers.


Linen is made from natural fibers (flax) and does not require pesticides or chemicals like conventional cotton does. It also gets better with time, and is biodegradable.

Organic Cotton

Cotton is an insoluble, soft and fluffy organic fibre that grows around the seeds of its plant of the genus Gossypium, which belongs to the same family as okra, cocoa and hibiscus, the Malvaceae.

How You Can Take Part in the Change?

Not our words but true story, “It Takes A Village to Raise a Child”, or in this case to help the planet, to spread the word about sustainability, to learn how to use our resources wisely, or to understand the impact the clothing industry has in people’s life and more than that on the planet Earth.

We’re doing what we can but we can’t do it alone, so if you are a sustainable shopper who doesn’t want to compromise when it comes to style, sustainability and comfort, we think we’re a MATCH

Let’s make a difference together.