Milagrus - A Concept of a Lifestyle

Milagrus is an affirmation of freedom, confidence and utmost respect for our planet. It is the result of an intersection of cultures, mutual understanding and appreciation for beauty.

Vanda Eugénio is the mind and soul behind Milagrus, her Portuguese heritage and upbringing in the African continent, had a huge influence on her pursuit for knowledge, and exploration of the world.

In 2003, after a memorable trip to the South Pacific, driven by the symmetry of nature, religion, culture, history and its people, Milagrus brand was born.

Milagrus works closely with local artisans from Indonesia and Portugal, who craft their ancient techniques into beautiful fabrics using sustainable materials that retain the authenticity in each garment.

Milagrus is perceived as a declaration of femininity and freedom. It is the excitement for the simple beautiful things in life, the warmth of the sun in our skin and the fluidity of the wind present in each collection.

Our Beliefs

As we reflect and become more aware of what we buy, the question often remains: who makes the clothes we wear and under what conditions?

The truth is that our spending can help make an impact in people’s lives in general and in the resources involved in making the clothes we buy.

Milagrus’ beliefs in approaching clothing production in an ethical and transparent way, considering people and the planet.

But it is important to understand that “Slow Fashion” brands, as the term indicates, are not designed to be “consumed” at the same pace as fast fashion, on the contrary, Milagrus prioritizes sustainability, ecological practices, ethical production standards and high quality timeless design that never goes out of style.

Keeping Craftsmanship Alive

We support the work of artisans by preserving their skills, and sustainability. Craftsmanship enables and promotes a slow production in small runs, offering quality over quantity and ensuring that each piece is inevitably unique.

Our Values


We share our practices, production processes, and policies with our clients.

Every garment is the product of natural resources and delicate human labor. But every garment has a story, a cost and an impact so we are very unclouded in our advice to our customers.

Make educated choices,  buy less, better and keep them  longer.


We are not your usual fashion vendor, we don’t follow the standards, or either seasonal collections, we don’t have middlemen, we have a personalized approach to our sales, and we do put all our efforts in creating collections with fewer unique pieces, but full of love.


We respect the environment and limit the production process impact.

We respect the rights and working conditions of our partners. 

We work only with low environmental-impact materials that enhance the knowledge, and resources of the countries we work with.